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Many of my drawings are for sale. Please get in touch if you would like to buy one or would like more information. Click on the headings to see the drawings

Recently I have been playing with / on / to some of the group drawings and paintings I have left over from the kids art groups that I have been running for the last 4 years.

I live near the sea in West Dorset. I love to collect sticks washed up on the beach. I have more of a stick 'problem' than my 7yr old son, who also loves sticks, but for different reasons. I see so much energy in their lines, reaching for the light, rooting down for water and security, twisting in the wind, then bashed smooth by the waves.

I have so many wonderful sticks, I see some much energy and dancing in their lines, I have started a series of animations playing with these sticks and lines...

I do enjoy lifedrawing... although I have come to the conclusion that it's not really OK to keep doing this.... I do love to draw feet though, and hands.... it's the challenge again. There's some drawings and prints here.... and I will be doing more.

I enjoy seeing telegraph and utility poles and their wires dancing through the landscape. How these lines interact with trees and bushes is always so exciting. I have tried to express this interaction with this series of drawings.

These drawings are as big as me. I love the challenge of working out what wire goes where, working out the tangle, the anatomy of these wonderful lines that draw themselves along our streets and lanes

A Drawing of the lines in a cambrian pebble from charmouth beach. I have so many of these pebbles shot through with delicate white lines, I hope to do more drawings like this, this one took months though!

Some simple drawings of lines that are already there

Some little paintings I made at the beginning of my love of poles

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