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Poles and Splats

I enjoy seeing telegraph and utility poles and their wires dancing through the landscape. How these lines interact with trees and bushes is always so exciting. I have tried to express this interaction with this series of drawings.

Pole with Music

Pole With Music Pencil over toddler drawing to music (felt tip, pencil, chalk and oil pastel) June 2019 55 x 120cm. Original not for sale. Giclee prints available 18 x 44.5cm £30 plus postage

2 poles with splats

Two poles with splats. Pencil and liquid waterolour, June 2019 90 x 90cm £225 plus postage Giclee prints available 30 x 33cm £30 plus postage

Two Poles at the end of my lane 2018. Pen with liquid watercolour 26 x 29cm £85 framed, £70 unframed Giclee prints 30 x 34cm £30 edition of 20 (plus postage)

Simple Pole on a Devon Lane, 2018

Pencil drawing with liquid acrylic. 13 x 19cm. Not for sale Giclee print edition of 20 £25 plus postage

Bowhayes Pole with Branches and Splat, 2017. Inkjet print with liquid watercolour, 19 x 28cm

Crock Lane Lines 2017 Inkjet print with liquid watercolour 20 x 25cm £65 framed, £50 unframed £30 giclee print (plus postage)

Pylon with Blue Splat 2017. Inkjet Print with Liquid Acrylic 25 x 20 (sold)

North Mills Playground Pylon with Splats 2018. Pencil drawing with liquid watercolour, 29 x 42cm £75 framed, £55 unframed (plus postage)

Pylon at the end of Green Lane 2018. Pencil drawing on liquid watercolour, 21 x 29cm £60 framed, £50 unframed, £30 giclee print (plus postage)

Power Pole on Long Lane 2018. Pencil drawing and Brusho splotch, 20 x 21cm £60 framed, £50 unframed, £30 giclee print, plus postage

Old Pole with Purple on the corner of Green Lane 2018. Pen with liquid watercolour, 42x 29cm £65 framed, £50 unframed. £30 giclee print (plus postage)

Pole with Orange Splot 2018. Pen with liquid Acrylic, 20 x 33cm £65 framed, £50 unframed (plus postage)

Utilility Pole in the Car Park 2018. Pencil drawing with ink, 21 x 29cm £60 framed, £50 unframed (plus postage)

Pole on Victoria Grove 2018. Pen with Liquid Watercolour, 21 x 29cm £60 framed, £50 unframed (plus postage)

Pole with Pink Splat 2017. Injet print, pen, liquid watercolour, 20 x 25cm £60 framed, £50 unframed (plus postage)

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