Let's Keep Drawing

Let's keep drawing, let's keep exploring, let's keep learning, let's keep trying, let's keep playing, let's keep looking, let's keep working, let's keep paying attention, let's keep practicing, let's keep experimenting, let's keep noticing, let's keep imagining, let's keep planning, let's keep drawing.

In August 2019 I was invited and funded by the SEAFAIR group to run a Long Table Event.

A Long Table is an "experimental open public forum that is a hybrid performance-installation-roundtable-discussion-dinner-party designed to facilitate dialogue through the gathering together of people with common interests"

I invited people to Buckydoo Square (the town square in Bridport) to come for a draw, and a think about drawing, and about how we feel about drawing and art, and about art in schools and about the future. To see what we could come up with, and to fill the square with drawings...

© 2020 Jo Burlington

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