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I run regular groups/ events where children and families get to play with art making in fun and ambitious ways (for information about these go here ). I hadn't been doing this long when the grown ups started asking for sessions that they could come to, without their kids. I have been running Grown Up Toddler Art sessions for a few years now, I have also started to run occasional sessions for grown ups that are exploring some of the things I am playing with in my own work. I have also started getting the kids to help me explore some of the ideas from my own work (check the News section to see if there are any coming up ). 

Now I want to explore some of the things I have seen the kids do, with my ideas or in how they play with the normal materials... I want to explore them on my own, for myself....

Here are some pictures from these events that have taken place over the last few years, as well as some documentation of a couple of very old pieces that seem relevant again.

A Grown ups oops wow session (a grown ups one.... a grown up swan) where we played with our feet and with string. A collaboration with the different aspects of my explorations and experiments with drawing and people and art making

Here in Bridport there is a surprisingly exciting contemporary dance scene, part of this is a contemporary dance group for (slightly) older people (Grace and Growl) and they asked me to come and work with them for a morning. I was so excited to explore drawing with the body and drawing to music, with people who actually have some control of their their/ an interest in their relationship with how it moves.

In conjunction with the exhibition 'Lines that are already there' at the LSi I ran a participatory drawing event.
I showed the participants some of my favourite artists who are making amazing large scale drawings at the moment…. then we made a drawing together that  cover ed the floor. The invitation emphasized that they did not need to be able to draw in that way that most people believe they cannot draw. Everyone can draw a pencil across paper…. and so that’s what we did, all over the floor, until it was full.

Let's keep drawing, let's keep exploring, let's keep learning, let's keep trying, let's keep playing, let's keep looking, let's keep working, let's keep paying attention, let's keep practicing, let's keep experimenting, let's keep noticing, let's keep imagining, let's keep planning, let's keep drawing.

A drawing event at Buckydoo Square in Bridport August 2019.

I started a drawing installation in my studio.... I would love the opportunity to spend two weeks in a space and slowly fill the space with marks. This is something I keep returning to

I took part on the Pop Up Fringe which was part of the Bridport Open Studios in September 2019. There was a 'car show' in a car park and anyone could turn up and make art in or on their car. I drew all day. This is my car (and I went on the one next to me (with permission!).

I did a drawing, all night, in an old church on the beach at West Bay in Bridport. I wanted to get back into drawing, and this felt like a good way of doing it

A Really long time ago.... I did a Masters in Being Alone in Public, it was a practice based performance research MPhil. This piece was part of my assessment.

An even longer time ago, during my first degree... I was fascinated by the lines I could make in a landscape

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