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Drawing from the corner of my studio

I started a drawing installation in my studio.... I would love the opportunity to spend two weeks in a space and slowly fill the space with marks. This is something I keep returning to.

I have trialed some aspects of this idea with the kids in an event called 'Let's Paint Everything' where I gathered furniture from the recycling centre, covered to floor and walls in paper & cardboard then let 2 groups of kids go wild with lots of paint. It certainly did get wild with the older kids. The younger kids with their parent(s) were more thoughtful about what they were doing. The older kids just went completely sensory with the paint and the freedom... it took a while to clear up.

Next time I do this, I want to do this on my own, and I want to do it with family groups. Scroll down for photos of the kids....

drawing from the corner of my studio

corner drawing detail

corner drawing detail

Let's Paint Everything - before

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